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Can AI-Generate Content Rank on Google? Live Proof!

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Yes, AI-generated content ranks on Google along with conditions. This post informs you how your website can rank with AI-generated content. There is a step-by-step research method and proof on “Can AI Generated Content Rank on Google?”.

First, try to understand what AI-Generate content is. Then we will learn more about it.

What is AI-Generate content?

What is AI-Generate content_

AI means Artificial Intelligence. There are a lot of AI in the market such as ChatGPT, Cortana, Google Assistant, and many more. These systems make our work easy and save time. Sometimes bloggers and content writers write their content by commanding these AI systems. Contents generated this way are called AI-generated content.

Why does Google not like direct AI-generated content?

Why does Google not like direct AI-generated content?

Sometimes these AI-generated contents may not be completely true or valuable. AI collects information from the internet, analyzes it, and then turns the information into content. But if there is no such accurate information on the internet for the desired content, what happens then? Obviously, AI will create your content using whatever is available on the internet. It may be correct or incorrect. This is why Google does not rank AI-generated content.

I think one question is disturbing you why then I have answered before “Yes”? Now I am going to show details and proofs of how it can be possible.

How can I make AI-generated content SEO friendly that can rank on Google?

If you are using AI like ChatGPT to generate content, keep the following points in mind. While using AI to generate content review every point and paragraph to ensure they are correct. Then try a few steps to make them SEO friendly. Here are the steps:

#1. Value Addon: AI-generated content may be less valuable. You have to add value to it. You should add real-life-based data or other related information. This way you will make strong and high-value content from the generated one.

#2. Make Easy to Read: Maximum times generated content is hard to read. This is not SEO-friendly. Hard-to-read content makes your visitor leave your page or post quickly. This is a very bad SEO strategy practice. You should focus on how can you make your visitor stay a long time on your web page.

#3. Customization: AI makes similar formats of content in most cases. Try to create your own format or style. Try different bullets, numbers, or symbols to make it unique. Also, split the content into short paragraphs.

This method will make your content rankable on Google. But most of you may laugh at the time-consuming process. You may have questions like:

If it takes too much effort then why we should not try writing ourselves?”

You are quite right but there are many bloggers who are confused to write posts or articles. They can start with it and give it a human touch to make it unique. It is very much helpful for those who know the title and topics but can not make a decision about where to start.

We have gained the basics of AI-Generated content and its usage. It is time to experience the actual real-life examples. Our team has researched some pages or websites that are ranking on Google and other search engines even on the first page.

AI-Generate Content Rank on Google Live Proof

Last few weeks our team was working on a site that has a High KD. We never imagined that it would be possible to rank AI-generated content in Google or Being. We have made a website on Gaming Niche. Then Boom! It ranked only in one-two day.

Targeted Keywords and Its KD for AI-Generate Content

This keyword was researched in Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator Tool. There you can see the keywords we selected were very high KD. Here are the search volume and KD details: Report of Targeted Keywords

These results were generated for India. But there is a very high KD and search volume in the global results.

Google Search Console Impressions and Clicks

From day one, it started to gain search engine impressions. This is cool! You can see a wonderful result in the dashboard of the Google Search Console screenshot.

Google Search Console Impressions and Clicks

Being Search Console Impressions and Clicks

This content not only ranked on Google but also it ranked on Being too. Rather, this site is ranking on the first page of search results. Here is the result:

Being Search Console Impressions and Clicks

Impressions From Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet

Here in the below images, we have shown you the exact number of clicks and impressions from different devices. This content collected almost 11.78K impressions along with 672 clicks. Desktop and tablet impressions are about 1K and have a 2% CTR.

Impressions and Clicks Devices

Impression & Clicks from Different Countries

Most of the clicks we get are from India, Singapore, and the United States. This site also has impressions and clicks from Pakistan, Bangladesh, the UK, and some other country too.

Impression Different Countries

Search Console Top Quarries

We have shared top quarries of visual proof of the search console. The top quarry gets almost 5.7K impressions. Also the second one has 2K impressions. CTR also looks quite good.

Google Ranking Screenshots on AI Generated Contents 3

Other Visual Proof

There is a separate keyword research results. This may help you to find proof of how AI-generated content rank on Search Engines. Here are some screenshots.

Google Ranking Screenshots on AI Generated Contents isual Proof
Google Ranking Screenshots on AI Generated Contents isual Proof 2

Proof of AI-Generated Content

These were the proofs of ranking in search engines. But you may have one more confusion that is it really an AI-generated Content Site or not? For your satisfaction, we also have detailed proof of it.

Copyleaks AI Content Detector is used to Test
Copyleaks AI Content Detector is used to Test 2

This content has only 5% of human touch. Human touch is necessary for AI-Generated content. If this started ranking on first page and visitors do not find valuable information they will leave. This may impact on site ranking.

Last Words

Afterall, content may be written by AI or human, there should be real life valuable information. Without a human touch in your directly AI-Genrated content may not rank. If ranked, it may down day by day as you can see in the above chart.

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Is AI-generated content bad for SEO?

Yes, Directly AI-generated content without human touch has a bad effect in SEO.

Does Google ban AI-generated content?

No, this is not restricted content. This is only low value content. So, Google do not like to promote it for better user experience.

Can Google detect ChatGPT content?

Yes, Google can detect ChatGPT content. Google algorithms can also detect contents that are generated by any AI. But day by day AI are getting starter and it is getting hard to detect AI-content.

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