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Profitable Blog Niches with Low Competition 2023

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After the pandemic of COVID, bloggers are increasing day by day. Last few years the search volume of “Profitable Blog Niches” or “Profitable Blog Niches with Low Competition” is going higher. So, decide to write a post on it.

A blog niche is a particular subject matter or theme that your blog focuses on. It distinguishes your blog from those of your rivals and aids in growing a following.

The key to starting a successful blog is picking a niche that you are educated and passionate about. The world of blogging has developed into a lucrative profession where bloggers can generate a steady flow of revenue by imparting their knowledge and experiences. However, choosing a lucrative niche for your blog might be challenging because many of them are extremely competitive.

Importance of Profitable Blog Niches

It is essential to select a profitable blog niche since doing so indicates that readers are genuinely interested in the topic. Additionally, you can earn money via sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and ad display.
A low-competition niche will increase your chances of attracting visitors and devoted customers.

I have divided this session is a few simple steps

  1. Low Competiton Keywords Searching
  2. High CPC Keyword Finding

Low Competiton Keywords

Using the “Free Keyword Generator” of Ahrefs, I have found some low-completion keywords that have quite a good search volume. Just visit Select “United States” Search “Light” then you can see the exact result. Here is the table of reached keywords:

“Pink Light” – Keyword Table

KeywordKDVolume ↓
pink light92.5K
pink light saber22.4K
pink light bulb01.3K
pink light bulbs01.1K

“Light Pink” – Keyword Table

KeywordKDVolume ↓
light pink blood when i wipe but no period134.1K
light pink discharge when i wipe153.9K
light pink discharge when i wipe not pregnant62.1K
light pink blood when i wipe111.5K
light pink discharge when i wipe pregnant261.2K
light pink goes with what color18700

“White Light” – Keyword Table

KeywordKDVolume ↓
white light207.0K
soft white light bulb23.3K
white light on ps432.7K
white light bulb32.7K
soft white light bulbs62.6K
white light ps432.6K
ps4 white light62.4K
white light bulbs62.0K
led white light12.0K

High CPC Keyword Finding

Using Semrush I have researched some low-competition and very high CPC keywords. These keywords are from the “Banking and Finance” niche. The “Banking and Finance” niche can give you a very high CPC.

Profitable Blog Niches with Low Competition, High CPC Keyword Finding
Profitable Blog Niches, High CPC Keyword Finding 1
Low Competition High CPC Keyword Finding 2
High CPC Keyword Finding, Profitable Blog Niches

Last Works

In conclusion, we can conclude that these are just a few low-competition niches. Blogging is a tool that enables people to achieve their financial and personal goals, but it’s crucial for a blogger to pick the appropriate subject.


Hope you satisfied reading this post. If this post helped you or not, please leave a comment for us. This will help me to create more posts like this.

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What blog niches are most profitable?

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